About Ecliptic Estate Management

Residents are able to enjoy communal living and owners are assured that their investment is protected.

Estate management is the process of facilitating a hassle-free, secure, well-maintained residential living environment. Residential estate living in South Africa is the fastest growing market in the property sector. The reasons are multiple and varied: security fears driven by high levels of crime, the costs of maintaining an individual property, the benefits of being able to enjoy multiple facilities, and the desire to live in a community.


It is statutory that Sectional Title developments and Home Owner Associations appoint a board of trustees / directors (“the board”) to manage the affairs of the estate (estate infers complexes, buildings and other names that may from time to time be allocated to communal residential living or commercial developments). The members of the board offer their services voluntarily, with no financial compensation. The financial portfolio of the estate, which includes levy collection, and the operational portfolio, which deals with the day-to-day issues of the estate, need to be outsourced.


We manage the operations of the estate on behalf of the board: communication, housekeeping, safety and security, gardens and maintenance, transgressions of the conduct rules, routine and ad hoc operational tasks and remedial projects, estate news and developments. We have a mandate from the board and report exclusively to them. We implement the decisions of the board on a daily basis to ensure the tasks required for the successful operation of the estate are completed timeously and to the board’s satisfaction.

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