We commenced running this campaign in 2017. With social media and the written word being as powerful as they are, every one of us who read this and then share it, help to make a difference in the lives of animals who have not been dealt a fair hand by humans. Animals have no voice – they depend on us to give them one.

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Each month thousands of unwanted dogs (and cats) are killed, having been brought to shelters by those who are unable to keep them for various reasons, or after they have been rescued from dire circumstances, yet were not able to be re-homed. The lucky ones are taken to shelters that have a no-kill policy, or they are rescued by organisations that believe every life counts.


Many of these rescued animals subsequently spend most of their lives in shelters or rescue-camps, unwanted and forgotten, because they are not the right breed, not pretty enough, they are amputees, or there is some other physical feature or disfigurement (usually inflicted by a person), that doesn’t fit the humans’ idea of doggy or cat perfection.


Breeders conduct thriving businesses while on the opposite end of the fulcrum lives are being snuffed-out senselessly. What is not (made) common knowledge, is that many dogs kept for breeding also live miserable, pitiful lives. They are confined in small cages, their paws never get to feel the grass and their little faces don’t know what sunlight is. They are breeding machines, viewed as objects, not as sentient beings.


Once too old, sickly or unable to produce anymore, they are killed or dumped at shelters or animal welfare organisations, where they too become THE FORGOTTEN ONES. If a person absolutely must obtain a pet from a breeder, (questionable, when the shelters are over flowing), the very least one can do is ask to see both the parents of the puppy (or kitten) being considered, to try and ensure that they are not supporting a puppy-mill. You should never acquire an animal via on-line trading.


THE FORGOTTEN ONES campaign assists in finding homes for these dogs who have been without loving homes, some for many years, and who truly deserve a second chance. They are not unwanted because they are bad dogs, they are unwanted because humans have failed them!


For each dog adopted via this platform, we will sponsor 1 sterilization – therefore 2 animals will benefit from 1 adoption. Using the formula that 1 female can be the root / beginning of 67,000 new dogs in a period of 6 years, sterilizing 2 dogs for each adopted dog that is profiled, means that together with the help of our owners and residents, we will have stopped a possible 268,000 unwanted animals from coming into this world.


Remember that no matter how much somebody loves you, there is a dog (or cat) out there somewhere that will love you more. #AdoptDontShop!


To meet these dogs or to sponsor a sterilization or kennel, or to enquire how to become more involved with this organisation, please contact them directly:


PETS – Pet Empowerment in Townships, contact Glenda Pickering at or 082 901 0763.


Should you adopt a dog that we feature (please note that home checks and an application process apply to safe guard the dogs), kindly advise PETS of the source so that we can sponsor the sterilization.

The greatest privilege that comes with freedom of speech is using your voice for those who don’t have one – Ricky Gervais

To become more involved with this organisation, please contact them directly:

PETS – Pet Empowerment in Townships, contact Glenda Pickering at or 082 901 0763.




Approximately 10 months

Barbie is a beautiful cross-Pitbull puppy who is simply gorgeous.

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She has Rickets due to malnourishment. Nobody cared for her as she was born into a litter owned by a Pitbull breeding syndicate and was left to fend for herself. Barbie was ignored by her owners as she was different and was considered useless. They thought if they bred with her she would produce puppies with deformed legs like hers. She was surrendered to PETS as the owner didn’t know what to do with her

Barbie is sweet and loving and gets on well with other dogs, children and people. She is so kind and gentle, just wanting to love and be loved. She smiles her special smile when she sees those she knows and just wants to be accepted and belong to a family where she can settle down and be a normal dog. Her legs will recover quickly once she is eating well balanced nourishing food such as the food she is now receiving, and in time with TLC she will become the magnificent dog that she was born to be. Barbie has been sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed and is ready to belong to someone who will give her the home and life she deserves.



Around 7 years

Abbie is a beautiful “golden oldie” who has had a miserable life in the townships

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Abbie is a beautiful “golden oldie” who has had a miserable life in the townships, suffering from neglect, lack of attention and human contact. He was chained to a spike behind a shack without adequate shelter, food and water and totally ignored his whole life. He was given to PETS because his owner no longer wanted him – he had acquired a new dog and Abbie was too old and no longer useful as a “watch dog”. He was in a very bad condition when he was handed over, with an open wound on his cheek and mange on is body. PETS was told to kill him / “put him to sleep”.

Abbie has now found a new life off his chain. He is full of fun and is very active, pleading for the love and attention he missed all those years. He is good with other dogs, people and children, and will be tested with cats if necessary. He is yearning to have a place to stay that he can call “home” and wants to spend his final years surrounded by love and affection. If you have a space for Abbie, you will not regret giving him a second chance at life. He will repay you with unbelievable loyalty and gratitude that only Abbie knows how to give.




Bingo is a wonderful young boy who is good with all dogs, people and children.

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He is totally amazing, full of fun with a special energy that lightens up the darkest day. He wants to please and to be loved and accepted by everybody and everything; his whole purpose in life is to be loved and to love, and he hasn’t got a bad bone in his body. He is very obedient, wanting to do anything and everything so that he will be accepted. Bingo is truly special and will bring love and happiness to any home – he needs a home to call his own.


Bingo was hurt when he was young when he was hit by a car. His leg was reset without surgery; however, it doesn’t hurt him. He can use it quite normally but has an unusual “walk,” which doesn’t affect him. He has been sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed.



Approximately 3 years

Bully lived a miserable life in the townships, chained to an old car that he lived, slept and ate under.

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The car was the only form of safety and shelter he knew; when it rained he lay in the mud as the water ran all around him. He was neglected and lonely and was used as a “watch dog” to guard the cars for his owner in the scrapyard that was his “home”. He was a very sad dog when PETS found him.

With a warm bed, food, love and attention, Bully has become a magnificent dog, forgiving the humans who gave him such a hard life previously. He loves life and all it has to offer. He is playful yet gentle, truly a gentle giant, and he loves to go for walks and will walk to “heel” if asked. He interacts well with other dogs but doesn’t like small dogs and puppies. He hasn’t been tested with children and cats but will be if necessary.

Bully has been assessed by Gordan the Behaviourist for the shelter “Barking Mad” as a dog that would be suitable ideally for a one dog family, but would be also be suitable for a home with one other medium to large size dog if a “meet and greet” was successful. Bully is loving and grateful for any attention he may receive and gives his love freely, wanting little in return.




PETS believe that was dumped by his owner by the side of the road.

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PETS believe that was dumped by his owner by the side of the road near the township where they have their, and somehow, he found his way to their shelter. He is a very timid dog hiding in his kennel almost continually and hardly ever venturing out. He is not good with other dogs and is fearful of people. He desperately needs someone to love and help him to become the dog he should be. He has been sterilized vaccinated and dewormed.


Ralph must be homed where there are no other dogs and where somebody has the time and patience to help this sad little dog regain his confidence.



Approximately 2 -3 years

Chris is a beautiful German Shepherd X who has been at the PETS shelter for far too long

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Chris is a beautiful German Shepherd X who has been at the PETS shelter for far too long and doesn’t deserve to be forgotten. He is magnificent, good with all dogs and has no problems except for the fact that he has hip displacement in his left hip and deterioration of the spine, which simply means that he needs pain killers such as Previcox on a permanent or chronic basis. If he doesn’t receive his medication he will snap at anyone touching his sore areas, which is understandable.


Chris has been sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed. He hasn’t been tested with cats but will be if necessary. He is loving and friendly and simply wants to belong; to be able to relax and spend his days in the sun. He is longing to find his way “home”.



Approximately 4 years

Spider has been homeless all her life it would seem. She has fended for herself and her puppies.

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Who she once belonged to nobody knows, and how she survived so long we cannot imagine.

PETS found her tangled in razor wire on a rubbish dump where she had found shelter under an old car; she was able to survive by scavenging for food in the waste thrown there. She was emaciated, dirty, sick and very, very scared. It took PETS a long time to catch her but once successful, Spider was happy to be caught, and with time and a lot of love she has become an affectionate, loyal and devoted companion, desperately seeking the love and attention that she didn’t receive previously.

Spider is good with other dogs but will not share her food or treats. She must be fed separately if there are other dogs in the family. She simply adores people and her canine friends. She hasn’t been tested with cats or children yet but will be if necessary.

Spider really deserves her own home. She has been overlooked so many times; nobody seems to see her or want her, and she is gradually giving up hope. Please consider her as an addition to your family, you will not be sorry.



Approximately 3 – 4 years

Pete is a very friendly dog with a lovely nature. He has been sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed.

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He is good with other dogs and people and is full of love for everybody and everything, which is amazing considering his past life in the township.


Pete came from a very bad home where he was severely neglected and constantly in danger. He was hit by someone with a panga on the head on one occasion and poisoned on another. How he survived we do not know, but he did, and he has forgotten all the sorrow of his past and is ready to meet his new owner and enjoy life in his new home free from fear and hunger. This dig really deserves a second chance at a loving home.



Approximately 2 years

Rex is a beautiful boy who had a miserable beginning. He is good with people and always wants to please.

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Sadly, he doesn’t get on well with certain dogs and will not share his food; maybe in time this will change as previously he was chained and left alone in the back yard behind his owner’s shack. He saw nobody and had no interaction with other dogs. He was fed and given water infrequently – only when his owner remembered, which wasn’t often we were told by his neighbours. He had no shelter and led a lonely sad life for a young dog. We expect that with love and time he will change and begin to trust and enjoy the company of other dogs.


Rex was surrendered to us because he was covered in ticks and fleas, had many open wounds, and had lost all his coat through scratching. The owner’s wife didn’t want him near her baby, so we collected him and within a short period of time, after a few baths and administering Bravecto, the fleas and ticks were gone. His coat is soft and glossy, and Rex turned from a hairless flea-bitten township mongrel into a magnificent Labrador/Setter mix.


Rex is longing to belong to someone. He craves the attention which he never received previously and gives his love freely. He hasn’t been tested with cats and children but will be if it is necessary. Rex just needs a second chance. He was neglected and ignored for so long and now desperately needs somewhere and someone who will allow him to become the dog he was meant to be.



Approximately 2-3 years

JJ has been at the PETS camp for a long time. He was found by someone after he had been run over.

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He was found by someone after he had been run over by a “hit and run” driver and brought to them for help. He has recovered from his injuries and now needs a place to call his home.


JJ is a lovely boy, but he doesn’t socialize well with all dogs, so PETS would prefer to home him alone. JJ will fill your home with love and happiness as he is full of fun and enjoys as much love as he can get, giving back more than is expected. He hasn’t been tested with cats but will be if necessary. He has been sterilized, vaccinated and dewormed and is ready to go to his new home as soon as possible, wanting only to be given a chance to show the world what a beautiful dog he is.



Approximately 3 years

Bruno was one of PETS first “Dump Dogs”. He was without doubt the saddest dog PETS have ever seen.

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Bruno was one of PETS first “Dump Dogs”. He was abandoned by someone and left to fend for himself amidst piles of rubbish, rotting carcasses of dead animals and dirty “Pampers”. He was in a terrible condition and totally depressed when found; he could hardly lift his head with fear of what might happen to him if he did look us into someone’s eyes. He was without doubt the saddest dog PETS have ever seen.


His foster Mom adores him and would adopt him, but sadly cannot as she will be moving into a complex where she is unable to take him, she cannot. She says that he is good with other dogs and people and is amazing with children. He likes nothing better than to sit or lie next to her and feel her hand on his head or body while watching TV; he also loves to go for walks and is very obedient she says.


Bruno is a relaxed dog demanding very little but appreciates love and attention which he returns with passion. Bruno is a Labrador x, has been sterilized vaccinated. He is an escape artist so whoever adopts Bruno must have a safe home with high walls, although this habit gets less as he gets used to his environment his foster Mom says. He is a wonderful dog.



Approximately 18 months

Hooch was an abandoned pup who has learnt love and has grown into the dog he is today.

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Being his foster mom for the past 12 months, watching an abandoned, dumped pup discover love and grow into the dog he is today, a dog full of confidence and love for everything and everybody has been an adventure. The op to straighten his leg was huge for all concerned but it was successful and worth all the expense, pain and trauma.


Hooch has some cute habits that make him such a dear.  To say, “Thank you”, “I’m sorry” or just “hello” he likes to lick your nose or sniff your feet whichever is closer. He is now waking me up during the night when he is cold and wants to be covered with a blanket, or on the rare occasion when he needs to go outside (which he dared not do for the first 8 months or so, holding it in till morning, probably thinking that if he did he would not be allowed to come back inside the house).


He has a favourite spot to lie in the mornings but waits for me to put a blanket down first, between the kitchen and the bedrooms, in the middle of the action where he can catch some sun. As much as Hooch loves food, he now knows that the other dogs’ food is not for him even if they walk off leaving their bowls, with food in, unattended.


He loves tummy rubs, basically any affection and will stop what he is doing just to enjoy the love you are giving him. He has a playful side too, chasing me around the house he thinks this is funny, but I don’t know who gets the most tired first. I am sure he would be ok to go on very short walks to get some exercise but I don’t think a long walk would be a good idea, however, he does love going for rides in the car.


We have also discovered that Hooch does not get along with cats or birds either he is pretty much a dogs’ and peoples’ dog. When it comes to trimming his nails it’s bit of a challenge and requires a visit to the vet as he politely keeps on trying to take the clippers away from you.


I have been so blessed to have Hooch as part of my family, to see him grow and still stay as sweet as the day he arrived but he now needs a ”forever home” one where he is part of a family that he can call his own would be amazing He doesn’t need much just lots of TLC, a normal size garden, good food to maintain his current weight and a warm bed to sleep on inside the house and someone who understands what a very wonderful dog he is. NB It is a requirement that Hooch must sleep inside the house. Hooch is a very special pup who requires a very special family to take extra-ordinary care of him.