Executive Estate Manager: Nichola Wolff

083 449 6102


The after-hours emergency number for SMS / WhatsApp notifications is 071 610 1288


  1. Routine queries are accepted telephonically, via SMS or via email; email is preferred as it generates a paper trail.
  2. The estate name and section number (called unit for ease of use) must be listed in the subject line when communicating via email and inserted as text in the SMS.
  3. Dukes Court is abbreviated to DCT for ease of use.
  4. Availability of managers after hours is for legitimate emergency situations only, notification of which is only accepted via SMS.
  5. The after-hours emergency number is 071 610 1288.
  6. If the emergency occurs late at night or is of a grave nature, it is permissible for the on-site security personnel and Trustees to call the emergency estate management number.



Recent reports in Johannesburg show that there is a definite increase in hijackings. Criminals have outsmarted many devices used to deter them in hijackings, and therefore are again looking for appealing vehicles driven by easy targets.

The best defense to protect and prevent yourself from being hijacked is to:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Put down your cell phones and keep your minds clear when arriving and leaving your homes
  • Be alert – your distraction is a criminal’s best chance at achieving what they want



The Trustees are aware that the noise in 1st Street is particularly problematic, and will actively be seeking recourse against City Council to ensure that their officials enforce the By-laws relating to noise disturbances, provided that residents play their part to strengthen the collective case. We have compiled this step-by step guide to report incidents, and to provide our office with relevant reference numbers for use in this campaign:


  • When disturbed by noise in the area, please call the Joburg Emergency Call Centre on 011 375 5911 to report noise disturbances – ask them to log a call with JMPD for public disturbance. The operator must provide a reference number
  • Do not let them transfer the call to JMPD, as we have been advised that they do not provide reference numbers and hardly answer their calls.
  • If there is no response by JMPD within a reasonable time, call the Joburg Call Centre again, and ask them to escalate the complaint. Obtain a new reference number to ensure that the complaint is logged correctly.
  • If JMPD do not respond within an hour, send the reference number to the Ward Councillor, Eleanor Hugget via WhatsApp on 071 785 8068, providing details of the incident.
  • Provide our office with the details of the incident and the relevant reference numbers, by emailing them to, or by writing a letter and leaving it at the security desk. These reports will be collated and to be used in support of the case against City Council.


Additional steps that can be taken at the time of the incident:


  • Call the JMPD call centre hotline number: 080 872 3342
  • Contact the SAPS area patrol van and ask for assistance: 071 675 6001
  • If there is no response from the patrol van, call 10111
  • Residents who are active on Twitter can also tweet and tag @jmpdsafety and @askthechiefjmpd with the details and the reference number.


DSTV Quality TV and Video Services011 673
Electrician Jonathan Maroge074 476
Van Alvin Electrical076 792
Elevators United Elevators086 011 0048
082 826 1622
071 863 5139
Gardens and Maintenance Quintax Cleaning Services
Craig Cousins
011 794 9922 /
Geyser Claims (Insurance) CIA Call Centre
Policy Number
087 135 1222
CIA 0000-78249
Handyman The Renovation Space
Robert Treml
072 033 4990 / 067 016
Managing agentCamalb Properties
Lee Ann Hendry
011 864 5050
Pest Control Queens Pest Control011 675 6746
083 701 5174
PlumberFarhad Kokatay

083 453 5362
Grayl Plumbing
082 863
Recycling M and P Recycling (Pty) Ltd
061 452
Security Kallvest Security: Atwell
Security Officer on Duty
079 519 3192
083 649 4613
082 940 1756
Security: Armed Response 24/7 Control Room082 602 6210
011 444 2237
Wi-Fi & Fibre Vumatel086 100


All Ecliptic estate forms are housed on Google Forms. It is no longer necessary  to download and complete the form in hard copy, although this option still exists. Click on the ‘Complete Form’ button and you’ll be taken to the form online.  Complete it and save.

Dukes Court Welcome Letter DOWNLOAD
Dukes Court Conduct Rules DOWNLOAD
Dukes Court Contractor Access Control Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Dukes Court Domestic Staff Registration Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Dukes Court Domestic Staff Quarter Access Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Dukes Court Estate Agent Registration Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Dukes Court Resident Access Control Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Dukes Court Resident Movement Control Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Dukes Court Non Resident Owner Information Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Dukes Court Pet Application Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Dukes Court Remote and Tag Order Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Dukes Court West Lobby Function Registration Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Dukes Court Eastern Parking Bay Contract 2018 DOWNLOAD