What Does Ecliptic Estate Management Do?



Standardised systems and procedures which ensure uniformity and continuity within the group. This is of benefit to the estate when a relief manager is appointed for an annual leave period.


Providing estate management services 365 days a year. Routine services are not available on weekends or Public Holidays; emergency services are available 24/7 all year round.


Ensuring corporate responsibility via record keeping, minutes, ingress and outgress forms and essential paper trails which are auditable. This ensures that due diligence is followed by the board.


Providing a collective wealth of experience administratively and operationally as each estate manager has the backing and support of the Ecliptic Estate Management team. The board, owners and residents are able to draw on this expertise.


Appoints a dedicated on-site or off-site estate manager to manage the estate. The appointment of an on-site estate manager is subject to an office provided by the estate. Typically an estate of 250 units or more requires an on-site estate manager; this is however dependent on the composition of the estate.


Addresses complaints or requests from residents and owners.


Enforcement of the conduct rules on behalf of the board; this includes circulating and maintaining all administration relating to this portfolio.


Communicates decisions from the board to residents, owners, contractors and service providers.


Communication with residents regarding municipal information i.e. interruptions.


Management of all general enquiries for the estate and communicating estate-news.


Ecliptic Estate Management receives the emergency calls from residents when, for example, a water pipe bursts or the communal satellite TV system fails, and liaises with the service providers / contractors to resolve these issues.  This ensures that the board is not inundated with calls and can focus its valuable time on the more important decision-making policies required for the smooth operation of the estate.


Ecliptic Estate Management has a corporate management philosophy and as such estates are managed according to their individual needs with sound business principles ensuring corporate governance on all levels.


Human resources, marketing, operations, strategy, customer orientation, due diligence, communication and service delivery all form part of estate management operations. The estate enjoys a diverse set of skills from the same company.


Each estate has a unique personality, and while Ecliptic Estate Management’s corporate governance is never compromised, flexibility in management style is facilitated and developed to encompass the personality of each estate.


As the market leaders Ecliptic Estate Management offers an unsurpassed commitment to excellence.


Ecliptic Estate Management maintains the highest level of confidentiality and no estate information is shared with third parties.


Assisting with the draft of the conduct rules for the estate and liaising with attorneys and the managing agent to assist with registration of the conduct rules.


Offers a level of service that is essential for the efficient management of the daily operations of residential estates, providing peace of mind for those who reside within the estate and for investors.


While all service providers are appointed by the board, and while Ecliptic Estate Management is not responsible for these appointments, the estate manager will make recommendations. These are based on the extensive contractor / service provider relationships forged by Ecliptic Estate Management.


The estate manager, who acts for and on behalf of the Body Corporate / Home Owners Association, is not responsible for attending to matters within units, unless it is found that the problem arises from common property. The Estate manager will assist with referring / contacting contractors on the owner / resident’s behalf, and it is recommended that these contractors are appointed as they are reliable and offer a high level of service.


Solving of problems relating to general maintenance and liaising with the maintenance service provider. Assistance with major remedial projects is also available to the estate.


Overseeing service providers and problem solving related to these portfolios, including the gardens and security companies.

Management of all access control and estate-movement documentation within the estate.


Sourcing of all other ad hoc service providers / contractors.


Sourcing alternative quotes from service providers and contractors.


Ecliptic Estate Management offers its estates an additional service in the form of its Operations Compliance Division. Ecliptic will assist the Board to ensure that the estate is compliant with the various Acts and bylaws. This division does not form part of the routine scope of work and provides an opportunity for estates to take advantage of the collective expertise in the Ecliptic Estate Management team.


It is the responsibility of the Body Corporate or the Home Owners Association to ensure that all service providers and contractors working in the estate are doing so on the right side of the law; this is as important as if the Board’s employed their own staff instead of outsourcing these portfolios.

Click here to view the Acts which are relevant to the Operations Compliance Division. Various national, provincial and local bylaws have bearing on residential estate living in addition to these Acts, and Ecliptic Estate Management is well versed in these.


Prior to giving the existing company notice ensure that all of the estate records which legally belong to the estate are obtained. These will include but are not exclusive to: pet registration records, current residents’ listings and movement control records, security passwords and procedures for all electronic / security systems and a list of recent transgressions. 


These records will be handed to Ecliptic Estate Management prior to the commencement of the contract. 

The estate manager will request a variety of other documents from the board and a comprehensive list will be submitted to the board on appointment.


Ecliptic Estate Management will meet with the board to discuss the implementation of systems and procedures and to obtain all of the necessary information to ensure that the estate manager can initiate these systems and procedures on behalf of the board upon commencement of the contract. 


The estate manager will request a variety of documents from the board and a comprehensive list will be submitted to the board on appointment.


To facilitate a smooth handover from an existing company or to prepare for commencement at a newly developed estate,

Ecliptic Estate Management will request certain documents in advance. Preparation prior to commencement ensures that the estate experiences as few disruptions as possible.