Executive Estate Manager: Jacqueline Brook

082 802 5215

The after-hours emergency number for SMS / WhatsApp notifications is 071 610 1288


  1. Routine queries are accepted telephonically, via SMS or via email; email is preferred as it generates a paper trail.
  2. The estate name and section number (called unit for ease of use) must be listed in the subject line when communicating via email and inserted as text in the SMS.
  3. Ambleside is abbreviated to AMS for ease of use.
  4. Availability of managers after hours is for legitimate emergency situations only, notification of which is only accepted via SMS.
  5. The after-hours emergency number is 071 610 1288.
  6. If the emergency occurs late at night or is of a grave nature, it is permissible for the on-site security personnel and Trustees to call the emergency estate management number.



  1. The STSM Act and CSOS require documented evidence of transgressions and Disturbance of the Peace (DOP) matters, should these be escalated to the office of the Ombud.
  2. Contact security via the security cell phone on 073 334 3816.
  3. The intercom number is 078 803 8956.
  4. Under no circumstances may the security officers be abused whilst carrying out their duties.
  5. All complainants remain anonymous to the transgressor but must be disclosed to security and management; these details are not made known to the transgressor.
  6. The security officers will contact the unit in question to ask the occupants to cease their disturbance / activity.
  7. If the disturbance persists, residents (the complainants) must contact the security cell phone number again.
  8. The security officers will then activate the panic button (residents are only asked once to comply) and the armed response will be called to the estate to address the situation.
  9. All reasonable people should cease their disturbance-activity once contacted, and it is therefore assumed that if this doesn’t occur, the resident (or the situation) is unreasonable, and that intervention by the reactionary team is necessary.
  10. The resident who reported the incident is requested to send the Estate Management Team an email to ensure that the incident is documented so that the appropriate action can be taken in line with the Conduct Rules.
  11. Please bear in mind though that according to the Sectional Titles Act Section 44 (1)(d)(e) residents have rights and duties within a scheme but residents are also expected to have a reasonable ability to withstand adverse conditions – one cannot complain if the slightest noise is heard as that is unreasonable in close proximity living.


DSTV Contractor SATELLITE 911
Gerhard Jacobs
083 349 8630
Electrician Van Alvin Electrical076 792

Financial Managing Agent Camalb Properties
011 864
Gardening CompanyHilltop011 807
Handyman ServicesGert Hanekom081 501

Internal Burglar Bars and Security Gates Versatile Gates011 418
Plumbing Active Plumbing061 645
Refuse & Recycling City Recyclers011 803
Security Furion SecuritySecurity cell phone:
073 334 3816
Intercom number:
078 803 8956
Security Access Control / CCTV Urban Security Installations079 011
SPCA Sandton SPCA After Hours Emergencies011 444 7730
082 460 2765


All Ecliptic estate forms are housed on Google Forms. It is no longer necessary  to download and complete the form in hard copy, although this option still exists. Click on the ‘Complete Form’ button and you’ll be taken to the form online.  Complete it and save.

Ambleside Conduct Rules DOWNLOAD
Ambleside Conduct Rules DOWNLOAD
Ambleside Pet Approval Application Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Ambleside Resident Movement Control Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Ambleside Remote and Tag Order Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Ambleside Domestic Staff Registration Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Ambleside Estate Agent Registration Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Ambleside Resident Access Control Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Ambleside Contractor Access Control Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Ambleside Non Resident Owner Information Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Ambleside Staff Quarter Access Control Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Ambleside PAIA Manual DOWNLOAD
Ambleside Rule Amendment Certificate DOWNLOAD