Administration Assistant: Viola Sibanda

Office number 010 020 3690

Operations Manager: Ryan Masoga

076 082 1706

The after-hours emergency number for SMS / WhatsApp notifications is 071 610 1288


The site office is not fully operational during the Disaster Management Act National Lock Down. In accordance with the Regulations, staff are working remotely from home, where possible.

The Risk Adjusted Strategy Level 3 permits Ecliptic Estate Management to attend to certain professional services in a restricted manner. A member of staff will be on site Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays, between 08:00 and 16:00. If owners / residents wish to meet with a member of the Estate Management Team, kindly schedule an appointment to do so. Social distancing requirements will apply.


Communicating with Ecliptic Estate Management

  • Routine queries are accepted telephonically, via SMS / WhatsApp or via email; email is preferred as it generates a paper trail.
  • The estate name and section number (called unit for ease of use) must be listed in the subject line when communicating via email and inserted as text in the SMS / WhatsApp.
  • Availability of managers after hours is for legitimate emergency situations only, notification of which is only accepted via SMS / WhatsApp.
  • The after-hours emergency number is 071 610 1288.
  • If the emergency occurs late at night or is of a grave nature, it is permissible for the on-site security personnel and Trustees / Directors to call the emergency estate management number.


Intercom Systems

Park Central has an intercom system in place which is unit-specific. This GSM based intercom system can store three local telephone numbers for each individual unit and security is able to contact residents immaterial of their location. Residents must be registered on the intercom system to enable security to contact them when visitors / deliveries arrive. The numbers for the intercom systems are as follows and residents are asked to save them in their contacts:


  • Reception: 072 017 2068
  • Guardhouse: 076 045 2917


AppliancesSMEG Appliances011 463
Blind InstallationTaylor BlindsWynhand Bruyns:
011 794 1743
061 508 7992
Cleaning Service ApartmentsNakisani Cleaning

Hygiene matters

Extreme Clean
011 824 0634/076 661 5607

084 771 1717 (Marc Walker)

072 991 7599
Cleaning and HygieneCamperdown082 333
Cupboards installationsAlto KitchensLeon Grobler:
011 422 4086
Domestic Hot Water Generation Gas Piping Services011 795 1795
082 326 8682
ElectricalMRT Electrical (for latent defects & Common Property)

Xavier Electrical
011 435 3206
082 332 8933

Eric Xavier:
084 720 1075
Estate ManagementEcliptic Estate Management Park Central on-site Office Number
010 020 3690
After-hours Emergency Number
071 610 1288
Fibre to the homeSADV011 390 7700
Financial Managing Agent Camalb PropertiesLee-Ann Hendry:
011 864 5050
Fire Detection MFSBruno Albino
083 608 1181/ 082 330 3070
Gas Gas Piping ServicesAndrew:
076 423 3800
082 326 8682
Gardening CompanyFSG Property
Handymen Services

Gert Hanekom

Extreme Handymen
081 501 4777

Eldon Oosthuizen
082 731 1396
011 067 1081 /a>
Heating, Ventilation & Air ConditioningAirwaves Air Conditioning012 802 0107
072 334 5881
Laundry ServicesNorthern Dry CleanersMichael Bate
011 792 7703
LiftsKONEEmergency Number
0800 004 697
Locksmiths Rosebank Locksmiths Andrew
011 880 9650
My Estate Life App

Vic Ball Plumbers
(Offices in Bloemfontein & Johannesburg)

Active Plumbing

Melt Van Zyl
082 458 6098

Shaun Hebblethwaite
061 645 6514
Prepaid Electricity MeterGems Utilities Technical Support
086 1717 111
Refuse & Recycling City RecyclersPhilippe Wiener:
011 803 7517
Security 24/7 SecuritySite Phone:
076 025 5329
Reception Intercom:
063 681 3935
Guardhouse Intercom:
076 990 8627
SPCA Sandton SPCA office011 444 7730
After hours emergencies 082 460 2765


All Ecliptic estate forms are housed on Google Forms. It is no longer necessary to download and complete the form in hard copy, although this option still exists. Click on the ‘Complete Form’ button and you’ll be taken to the form online.  Complete it and save.

Park Central Conduct Rules DOWNLOAD
Park Central Welcome Letter DOWNLOAD
Park Central Social On Park Function Registration Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Park Central Contractor Access Control Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Park Central Estate Agent Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Park Central Resident Access Control Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Park Central Resident Movement Control Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Park Central Non-Resident Owner Information Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Park Central Pet Application Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Park Central Resident Delivery Control Form COMPLETE FORM DOWNLOAD
Park Central DSTV and Fibre Introduction DOWNLOAD
Park Central Gems Utilities Vending Info DOWNLOAD
Park Central Glazing Cleaning Manual DOWNLOAD
Park Central Welcome to My Estate Life DOWNLOAD
Park Central SADV Quick Setup Guide DOWNLOAD