Executive Estate Manager Administration: Jacqueline Brook

082 802 5215

On Site Administration Assistant: Noeleen Govender

079 682 0529

Executive Estate Manager Operations: Nichola Wolff

083 449 6102

On Site Operations Assistant: Simba Rufasha

064 744 1189


The following procedure is to be followed when a resident has tested positive for COVID-19 or is awaiting test results:

  • Residents are to report their positive status / that they have been tested and are awaiting the results to the management office.
  • If the resident is aware of anyone in the building (on-site staff, another resident) with whom they had direct contact prior to testing positive / suspecting they may be positive, they need to advise management who that person/s was, and that person will be contacted by management. Note that it is the task of the Dept. of Health to manage all contact tracing once a person receives a positive test result.
  • The affected resident is to remain in self-quarantine for the stipulated 14 days and until they are feeling better. They are not to utilise the Common Property areas or leave their unit unless they need to be hospitalized.
  •  Affected residents will be encouraged to plan for the online delivery of fresh food, groceries and medicine.
  • Management will inform security that these items must be placed outside their front door. Concierge will call the resident via the intercom system when the deliveries arrive, and security will deliver any parcels / deliveries to the front door. They will knock to announce the items being placed outside the door and then they will leave; the resident may retrieve the deliveries from the corridor.
  • Wet waste / refuse is to be placed in a sealed, non-drip bag outside the unit on a Monday to Friday at 10:00 for collection by the cleaning staff. The cleaning staff use gloves, face masks and sanitiser.
  • These refuse bags will not be sorted on site and will be placed directly in the marked bin in the refuse room.
  • Identities of any affected residents will be protected to avoid stigmatising.
  • Queries may be directed to our office in writing.


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Estate Management Ecliptic Estate ManagementOn-Site Office VOIP landline:
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Site cell phone: 076 345 6977
VOIP landline: 010 035 3383
SPCA Sandton SPCAOffice: 011 444 7730
After Hours Emergencies: 082 460 2765


All Ecliptic estate forms are housed on Google Forms. It is no longer necessary  to download and complete the form in hard copy, although this option still exists. Click on the ‘Complete Form’ button and you’ll be taken to the form online.  Complete it and save.

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